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ZHU Stuns After His One Year Musical Hiatus With Breathtaking New Track Featuring AlunaGeorge

And he’s back…

If you thought “Faded” was good… oh boy, are you in for a treat. If you thought “You Know You Like It” was catchy… you ain’t heard nothing yet.

After taking a one-year hiatus from producing original music, ZHU has returned with a stunning new track featuring AlunaGeorge entitled, “Automatic”. Taking on a plucky synth series and some fantastically wispy vocals by the always elegant, AlunaGeorge, “Automatic” provides listeners with another stellar piece from the mysterious producer. Opening with and sporadically dispersed throughout the track, we get a very middle eastern sounding riff which blends into a melody containing a jazz lounge flair. Mixed into this concoction of musical delight is an augmented version of ZHU’s voice proclaiming, “it’s automatic”. Similarly, there is a nice upbeat and energetic bassline that is complimented by an pristine piano jingle. Based on my description it really does sound like there is a lot going on in this track, and there is, but it all blends so flawlessly that it is an easy reminder of how talented ZHU really is.

“Automatic” was debuted yesterday as BBC Radio 1’s Hottest Record in the World. AlunaGeorge appeared on the show to speak about the song and how a collaboration between herself and ZHU came along. Stating that after hearing “Faded” she became infatuated with the music of the elusive producer and knew she needed to track him down. After doing some research, she was able to tell a friend of a friend to drop her name to ZHU, and when at HARD Day of the Dead 2014, ZHU’s first live performance, the vocalist was able to meet, vibe, and set up some studio time with the producer. It looks like it worked out quite well for the both of them.

Oh, and did I mention that it is AlunaGeorge on the sax there in the end. Looks like she can do a lot more than just sing. That sax is absolute magic.


With that said, ZHU isn’t about providing you with track after track, but rather taking ample time to perfect a track to bring it to its full potential. If that means releasing one track every 8 months, then so be it. To the average internet dweller, it would seem that this year-long hiatus has been used to work on the artist’s recently announced Genesis Series of recordings. This newly confirmed project is slated to include collaborations with artists such as Skrillex, Bone Thugs N Harmony, A-Trak, Gallant, and many more. Based on his collaboration with AlunaGeorge, we could see some very special things from this new endeavor.

Be on the lookout for tour dates from ZHU in the near future… Although, nothing is confirmed, how can you not tour with so much quality music hitting the market?

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