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Only Positive Things To Say About Rezz’s Latest OWSLA Release “Negative”

After months of promising that new music was on the way via Twitter, REZZ has finally lived up to her promise. On Monday REZZ dropped her latest track, “Negative”, as a part of OWSLA‘s Nestivus series of releases. After playing “Negative” as an ID in a number of sets including her TomorrowWorld set, her HARD Day of the Dead set, and a handful of her club sets around the US and Canada, the track finally has a title and an official release.

Keeping with the just flat out electrifying darkness of her previous tracks, “Negative” grabs us by our throats and refuses to let us breathe. This is another track that has that very distinct REZZ sound, bleeding pitch-black vibes from every orifice. Tune in and prepare for a hypnotic spell to overtake your entire being. As brutal as it sounds, you’ll be happy to lose control.

Being a part of OWSLA’s Nestivus, all purchases of “Negative” will go toward the charity Bridges for Music, a non-profit organization looking to use music to aid in and raise global awareness of issues in developing countries through music.

Stay tuned as REZZ has much and more in store for us next month including a brand new EP!

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