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The Relentless Beat of the Week: LOUDPVCK & 12th Planet – “Guess Who” (feat. Key!)

Ryan Marks and Kenny Beats of LOUDPVCK are back in town this weekend, just a couple weeks after 12th Planet summoned a cosmic storm of sick beats and unrelenting bass at Monarch Theatre and on Mill Ave. These two artists are both known for melting the faces of audiences nationwide, therefore it would make sense that the two would join forces to create something that melts not only your face, but your whole body. Making their Scottsdale debut this weekend, LOUDPVCK was the only logical choice for this week’s Relentless Beat of the Week, and it doesn’t hurt that we get a little of that 12th Planet dubstep as an added bonus. With that said, the beat of the week goes out to “Guess Who” by LOUDPVCK and 12th Planet, featuring ATL rapper Key! on vocals.

This monster of a track is built for the lovers of bass. When two heavy-weights such as LOUDPVCK and 12th Planet clash, you get a titan track that sends of some crazy vibes and a killer sense of energy. Building with a basic hip-hop beat, Key! quickly asks the question, “guess who’s fuckin’ your bitch?” The answer’s not what you want to hear, but the drop certainly is! When the bass trips up into a massive riot of a drop you instantly feel as though you lose control. And believe me, when this drops on Friday, you better hope you brought a towel to wipe up your melted face.

Both LOUDPVCK and 12th Planet are currently touring the United States, bringing with them their sacred talents. If you missed 12th Planet last month or can’t make it to the LOUDPVCK show this weekend, here are their remaining tour dates below:

Dec 30 – EPR – San Francisco, CA
Dec 31 – Resolution – Seattle, WA
Jan 2 – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA
Jan 15 – Create – Los Angeles, CA
Jan 19 – Fluxx – San Diego, CA
Jan 22 – Beta – Denver, CO
Jan 29 – Ampitheater – Tampa, FL
Jan 30 – Gilt – Orlando, FL
Feb 12 – Euphoria – Portland, OR

12th Planet
Dec 11 – 2720 Cherokee – St. Louis
Dec 31 – New Daisy Theater – Memphis, TN
Jan 4-6 – Holy Ship – Miami, FL
Jan 15 – Beta – Denver, CO
Jan 30 – Espace – Montreal, QC
Feb 12 – Soundgarden Hall – Philadelphia, PA
Mar 12 – Rampage Festival – Antwerp, Belgium

Catch LOUDPVCK this Friday night at Urbane Manner for their Scottsdale debut and turn up to “Guess Who”, but make sure that no one is you know whating with your you know who!

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