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Discover The Many Facets Of Autograf In New EP, Future Soup

The unique electronic outfit, Autograf has got some more aural delights for fans of dancing and sweet tunes. With the anticipation of the release of their latest EP Future Soup, Autograf has begun previewing their latest work, releasing the album artwork, a track listing, and a few of the tracks themselves. Earlier this month, they released a preview of the title track, “Future Soup”, featuring the vocals of Tennessee-based musician Patrick Baker. The sure-fire banger includes all the best parts of a summer anthem, a deep, thumping synth line, unrelenting bass, and a kick that’s sure to light dance floors everywhere on fire. The first released track off of the upcoming EP gives listeners an irresistible beat and shows fans what they’re really in for at one of the many stops on Autograf’s Metaphysical Tour.

The second previewed track, “Heartbeat”, dropped this week and provides a parallel to the upbeat “Future Soup”. With a more chilled, laid back attitude, “Heartbeat” acts as a much-needed deep breath.  As the guitar riffs and string chords rise on “Heartbeat” and the melancholic vocals collide, one can’t help but sway to this relaxed take on electronic sounds. While still able to maintain an incredible groove, “Heartbeat” carries those bittersweet feels of a good, but, ultimately sad song as the piano chords close out the track. All in all, the two released previews demonstrate the ability of the Chicago-based act to create danceable tracks that still hold a tremendous amount of feeling. Autograf’s latest work of art, Future Soup, will be available everywhere March 11th, but you can snag their two released singles on iTunes now!

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