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Giraffage Stole All of Our Broken Hearts This Weekend with “Make You Love Me”

Hopefully you had a nice Valentine’s Day this past weekend with your SO (and hopefully you made it out to Crush Saturday night at Rawhide!). But for those who saw the holiday as a friendly reminder of total loneliness, well, at least you’ve got a new track to help you wallow in the sadness: Charlie Yin, better known as Giraffage, dropped the perfectly melancholy “Make You Love Me” to help soothe your lonely soul.

Sampling Bon Iver and Bonnie Rait, “Make You Love Me” is slow and steady and could make you want to cry in the greatest way possible. This warm track would make you want to pour yourself another glass of wine and stalk your ex on Facebook for the 5th time if it wasn’t so groovy. Vintage-sounding synths and incredibly smooth bass will make it hard to resist nodding your head to the beat. Give yourself a listen and catch all of the nostalgic feelings below:

Giraffage’s Facebook page description states that he is “VIBING W/ U” and that couldn’t be more spot on. The electronica producer is known for his incredibly chill remixes of R&B hits and has toured with artists such as XXYYXX – or perhaps you caught him opening for Porter Robinson during the Worlds tour in 2014. If you’re feeling the need for some dreamy tracks with the right elements of #TBT thrown in, Giraffage is your guy. His remix of Janet Jackson’s “Someone To Call My Lover” will take you right back to that roller rink school trip you took in fourth grade, blurry flashback-style.. Also check out his sparkly collaboration with Slow Magic “So Cute!” or continue to wallow in the Singles Awareness Day heartbreak with original track “Music Sounds Better With You.”

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