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RB Exclusive Interview: Brillz Discusses Tour Bus Life, Developing Alter Egos, and Inspirational Moments

After getting his start on Mad Decent’s free music imprint Jeffree’s, Brillz has secured a deal with the Mad Decent label, and has now been showcasing his Mad Decent material across a 40 plus stop tour that just touched down here in Phoenix at the Pressroom. Headlining the tour alongside Party Favor, Brillz was also joined by supporting acts Jackal and Infuze.

Brillz – Geekin (feat. Que) [Official Full Stream]

Just weeks before his highly anticipated TWONK Di NATION Tour commenced, Brillz dropped his Geekin EP. The four-track EP consists of a skillfully crafted collection of high octane trap anthems with those booming 808 kicks we all love. Just recently Brillz has released an EP of re-twonked versions of the Geekin EP, personally giving big ups to the remix by Trollphace and Getter in the interview I snagged with the TWONK team originator. Also in the interview, we discussed life living on a tour bus, and developing alter egos in the process. Brillz sites Jake of Kill the Noise as an inspiration, while also giving the moment they sold out Webster Hall on the tour very special meaning, saying at that moment he, “was able to really feel the journey and remember when the dream was born.”

TWONK tour poster

Nicole Petriw: Following the release of the third album last October, your first Mad Decent EP Geekin, you embarked on the 40 plus date TWONK Di NATION Tour. Taking America by storm via bus with your homies truly sounds like the dream. You were joined by Party FavorJackal, DOTCOM, Ghastly, LAXX, Kayzo, Party Thieves, Willy Joy, Y2K, Aryay, Dr. Fresch, and Infuze [amongst others]. Who would you say is the most wild and craziest out of the bunch?

Brillz: “Everyone has their moments 🙂 Ghastly cracks me up.”

Nicole: Did any nicknames develop for each other over the course of your time spent together during the tour?

Brillz: “Not nicknames, but alter egos. Burt, Billy, and Bobby Bovine from Beaufort Alabama! Ur gonna have to look at our twitter and IG to catch up that!!!  S/O to the snapchat filters. 

Living on a tour bus, however, isn’t always the glamorous lifestyle aspiring musicians may imagine…”

Nicole: What’s the most difficult thing about living life in the TWONK di Nation tour bus?

Brillz: “I miss my fiance and my dog. Other than that the bus is sick. Its a TWONK bus. Nothing difficult for me. This is my zone. “

Nicole: What’s the best thing about living the life on the road?

Brillz: “Endless jokes. We make fun of each other constantly. It feels like a family now. Were having a blast filming these tour videos.”

What stop on the TWONK Di NATION tour has been your favorite thus far and why?

Brillz: “Hahah…no comment. I love them all.”

Nicole: Your TWONK brand and style has infiltrated dance floors all over the world. Can you describe the meaning of “TWONK”? 

Brillz: “I cant describe it. You need to describe it for yourself. Thats what Twonk is.”

Nicole: Where did the name come from?

Brillz: “I ask myself the same thing. It just happened one day.”

Nicole: You have spread the TWONK brand far and wide within the past 2 years, playing over 150 shows, including sets at Lollapalooza, Electric Zoo, EDC Vegas, EDC Orlando, and Nocturnal Wonderland. What was your favorite club show and what was your favorite festival set that you performed and why?

Brillz: “EDC Vegas was epic last year, the production was a full on Sci-Fi film. We flew in on a helicopter. Def one of the biggest crowds I ever got to play for. As far as clubs go, I met Jake, Kill The Noise, at Webster Hall in ’09 and he was one of the biggest inspirations for me, so when we sold out Webster Hall on this tour, I was able to really feel the journey and remember when the dream was born.”

Nicole: You just dropped your Geekin EP remix bundle. Do you have a favorite re-twonked version of your tracks?

Brillz: Trollphace and Getter murked it. Big ups. Suh dude.”


Stream on Soundcloud the re-twonked version of Brillz Geekin EP or download them here:

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