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RBDeep In the Mix: Skream @ Elrow Ibiza 2015

Ollie “Skream” Jones had made a name for himself in the EDM scene in general, and the Dubstep community in particular, with his joyful, yet ragingly energetic sounds, and his incredible rate of production since the early 2000’s. After spending years perfecting his crafts, in 2006, Skream introduced to the world his original sounds in his first album Skream!. Since 2006, the London based DJ/Producer had released one more album (Outside the Box), 2 compilations, and had finished over 800 tracks to play at his sets. As his name grew in the industry, so did his curiosity to work with other genres of electronic music such as Techno, UK Garage, and even Disco. His genre change was made official a few years ago when he announced that he will commit to the switch to Techno and the long time House/Techno fans could not be happier to welcome such a talented artist into the community. Skream did not disappoint his fans as he remixed, produced and released many incredible Techno tunes as well as playing back to back with major Deep House/Techno artists like Disclosure, Dusky, and Jamie Jones. One of my favorite Techno remixes from Skream is his remix of The Chemicals Brothers’s “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted”.

The Chemical Brother – “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted” (Skream Remix)

In this track, Skream let the audience lose themselves in the mesmerizing vocals of the Chemical Brothers, as the vocals bring the audience to bouncy, massive Techno drops throughout the song, making the track enjoyable and head-bop-able to its entirety. This track was recently featured in his live set at Elrow Ibiza 2015. Since the audience at the Ibiza events are very familiar with Skream himself as well as Techno in general, he did not hesitate to start his set with bouncy big room Techno tracks following by a few tracks from the fast growing sub-genre of Dark Techno. This 2 hour mix features tracks from many underground Techno/House artists from around the world, such as Irish duo Loco & Jam, Bulgarian Acid House producer Kink, Brazilian Tech House producer Volkoder, and up-coming talent from Italy Raffaele Rizzi. This mix kept the audience interested for its whole duration because of the smooth constant change in the sub-genres of Techno/House, making it the main reason why it was chosen to be featured in the first week of ‘RBDeep in the Mix’.

RBDeep will be hosting the Viva PHX Official Afterparty on March 12, 2016 at Monarch Theater in Downtown Phoenix, where Skream will be headlining. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the Techno/House fans in Phoenix.

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