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Come At Me Bro: Bro Safari Releases Limited Time Free Download Of New Track “Snap”

Hey bruh, looking to get trapped in the trap but too lazy to pirate or buy your own music? Bro Safari has your answer; you might recognize this bro from his extensive dedication to touring in the last year, as well as his dedication to only the sickest dark trap beats out there.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Nicholas Weiller has accumulated set after set on his Soundcloud from his travels, as well as his newest track up for download, “Snap.” This new moody track features some heavy snare mixed with quite a bit of industrial sound that come together to make a sick vegetable-medley-style track of trap and hip-hop, with a few odd rough synths making their appearance. Bro Safari has always been adamant about making his track dance-floor ready, and this is no joke (regardless of the pop art adorning the single cover).

While Bro Safari recognizes he has been touring more than recently and recognizes that many of his fans are waiting for new music, Snap should tide you over until he drops his next fire track in the coming months. Friday, the 25th of March is assigned as the commercial release date for “Snap,” so for the next two weeks the track will be free on Soundcloud and Toneden. Catch this track before you have to pay for it, blast this drop at your next kick back to impress your friends, and click this link to get your free track ASAP.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to Wet Electric on April 30th where Bro Safari will be submerging you in the trap alongside 3lau, Wiwek, Destructo, Dada Life, and many more still to be announced!

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Sources: “Snap” Release PageOfficial Website

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