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Go Dutch with Firebeatz at the Talking Stick Resort on April 16th!

Tim Benjamin Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar, otherwise known as the Dutch beatmakers Firebeatz, will be taking names like the census on April 16th, 2016 as they market their brand of Dutch House onto the Arizona masses at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. Firebeatz is an original Dutch duo who formed in 2008, delivering intense drops, fast riffs, and sonic tambourines that will make your ears explode if you get too close. Working with mainstream artists like Timbaland, Snoop Dogg, and Tiesto, this duo wants to let you know that they can drop a hot beat in some dirty warehouse while still appealing to a larger demographic. Give Firebeatz your best Arizona welcome when they turn up with the locals in total pool-party setting with booze flowing and hopefully no one peeing in the pool. Poor hygienic habits aside, what’s stopping you from showing up at this point? Listen to the original mix of Bazooka below and get a taste:

Firebeatz – Bazooka (Original Mix)

Let’s hope these convulsing beats and pulsing synths will give you enough drive to go out there and party with these new rising ‘Dutch Bros.’ The original mix of Bazooka gives a heavy bass undertone to erratic shuffling beats that might make you and others around you catch whatever disease is spreading around the EU at the moment. While Firebeatz has been around since 2008 and gaining airplay on Dutch Radio stations, this pool party will be your most authentic experience for EDM, fresh from across the pond. As with many artists who are still in development, Firebeatz has no available albums or mixtapes released for purchase or listening, but check out one of their newer licks below with Jay Hardway released in December to get a good feel about what to expect when their ship lands:

Firebeatz & Jay Hardway – Home (Official Music Video)

Get tickets for Firebeatz fast,  get your swimsuit ready, and for everyone’s sake, take a shower before you take a dip on April 16th, 2016 at the Talking Stick Resort, in Scottsdale, AZ. Liquor will be plentiful, cover will be free for ladies the entire day, and lets get dirty and doubledutch  when Firebeatz takes the stage!

Connect with Firebeatz: Facebook | Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud | Beatport

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