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Mija Wants You to Never B Alone with Her New Free Compilation

Deep house. Future bass. Happy hardcore. Chillstep. Tropical house. Jungle Terror. Trying to categorize the numerous different types of rhythms and sounds that a producer can create with can result in an infinite number of bizarre sounding genres. But producer Mija doesn’t care about any of that.

The blue-haired artist released Never B Alone: Volume 1 this week: a free collaboration of unique tracks featuring Mija and friends. The playlist features 8 tracks in total, ending with Mija’s recent remix of “Come Runnin’” by UK Hardcore artist Darren Styles.

Mija has always said #fkagenre when it comes to music and you’ll definitely feel those vibes on Never Be Alone. Her remix of Styles’ track was jokingly referred to as “happyhardcorestep” a few times on social media and the hardcore elements are there with the different racks. Most tracks are upbeat – some in a way that makes you want to down sixteen Pixie Stix and a Mountain Dew and jump up and down for seven hours.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 2.06.11 PM

You’ll catch some familiar names (Styles and Skrillex) and a few lesser known but fabulous producers. This compilation is full of surprises: a chipmunk-vocals twist on a old Skrillex hit, some “Internet Friends”-like nostalgia on a different track. One track is a mashup of the 90s banger “All Star” by Smash Mouth. Never B Alone essentially has something for everyone: keep an open mind and make your way through the playlist until you find your new favorite song:

One of the featured artists will be headlining Bubble Bobble 8 this month! Catch Darren Styles at Club Red in Mesa later this month on 3/26. Don’t miss out on the fun (and foam!) – secure your tickets today!

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Connect With Darren Styles: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Website

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