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New Mix From Jack Beats Released via Mixmag Asia

Jack Beats is back at it again with another absolutely fire mix that they just released exclusively on Mixmag Asia. Normally you might think, oh just another mix, there’s nothing special to it. However, we really wanted to share this one with you cause there’s some absolutely thumping bass lines that you have to hear. Check out the mix below and then we will go into a little break down of some of the music in it!

What other perfect way to start off your mix with one of the new songs from your EP? Well, that’s exactly what Jack Beats decided to do right here in this mix! If you aren’t familiar with this release go ahead and check out this awesome article by another one of our writers, Khoi Nguyen, had to say about it right here. However, their two-track EP, fitting the bill of their classic sound as well as that of AC Slater’s label, Night Bass, Work It further solidifies their mastery of everything wobbly. The rest of the mix continues on(with no track list sadly </3 but that is why we have amazing apps like Shazam I guess) to show off Jack beats infamous bouncing grooves, squelching rhythms, and cutting kicks.

Also if you didn’t know, Jack Beats is going to be here in Arizona as a part of their Work It tour! So be prepared for May 27th at 9:00PM because they will be here to drop some filthy wubs at the Pressroom. If you want you can find out more info about the event here, and additionally tickets can be purchased here!

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