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Night Bass Just Released Jack Beats’ New EP ‘Work It’

Just a few days ago, LA based record label Night Bass released Jack Beats’ new EP called “Work It“. While the 2 tracks in this EP are of different sub-genres of House, they are still heavy on the Jack Beats flavor. The main track “Work It” is a new Bass House anthem that was made for the sole purpose of getting the audience to dance as ham as possible. The track contains massive build-ups, huge Bass House drops, and the slow, catchy rolling bassline goes really well with the heavy kick and the exciting hi-hat pattern. Check out “Work It” below.

The second track “Intermission” is on the weirder side of Jack Beats’ skill set. The hook and the build-up was inspired by the musical genius Zhu, with the slow and emotional piano lead that gets audience grooving. When it drops, the emotional tempo switches completely into a UK Garage drop with a wide, and dragged out bassline; Jack constantly changing the drum pattern, showing us just how comfortable he is with his Beats. The drops in this track are inspired by the likes of London based Garage producer Purple Velvet Curtains (PVC), and Night Bass super producer Petey Clicks.

I’m glad to be able to see the transformation and growth of talented artists like Jack Beats. He is always looking to get out the best music while still trying to showcasing his versatility and individuality.

Get the “Work It” EP: here

Connect with Jack Beats: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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