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RB Exclusive Interview with Cheat Codes: The Anonymous Masterminds Behind “Sex”

Cheat Codes and Kris Kross Amsterdam were recently revealed as the masterminds behind one of Spinnin’s popular recent tracks “Sex.”

“Sex” follows Cheat Codes’ progressive ballad “Say Goodbye” which was released in January.

Matthew Russell, one of the three members of Cheat Codes, said that what makes “Sex” different than other tracks is its viral potential. The format of the song is simple so it gets caught in your head easier.

“It’s such a classic hook that people are familiar with even if they don’t remember the Salt N Pepa song,” he said.

When it came to picking the perfect song to remix, Russell said, “we didn’t really decide, it just happened! Which is always the best, let’s be real.”

Trevor Dahl, the executive producer of Cheat Codes, provided the lyrical content for this track.

“Trevor sang his heart out on this one. So sexy,” Russell said.

Cheat Codes said that collaborating with Kris Kross Amsterdam “was the easiest thing ever.”

“They basically just emailed the track to us, and we thought it was perfect. We wrote the song in about an hour, and they sent the production back so quick. We love working with Europeans because the time difference always gives us nice little presents when we wake up,” Russell said.

Meet Cheat Codes:

This tropical house anthem trio consists of Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl and Kevin Ford.

Matthew Russell

Age: 25

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Role: Dad, Peacemaker, Visionary, Writer, Singer, Producer.

Fun Fact: Born with an extra bone in each foot.

All Time Favorite Song: 9 Crimes By Damien Rice

Kevin Ford

Age: 23

Hometown: Calabasas, California

Role: MC, Creative Genius, Singer, Writer, Producer, Hype Man

Fun Fact: Once was in a legal battle with old friend Justin Bieber.

All Time Favorite Song: The Real Slim Shady By Eminem

Trevor Dahl

Age: 22

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Role: Singer, Writer, Executive Producer, Hair Model.

Fun Fact: Dropped out of high school and has been touring since 15 years old.

All Time Favorite Song: Let It Be By the Beatles

Russell revealed that the group’s name stands for the “cheat code” to life.

“We all believe that when you have the Cheat Code everything becomes easier. In the most simplest way to explain it, the Cheat Code is about changing your perspective, using everything in your life to your advantage,” he said.

Russell said that creating a positive outlook and making everything fun, like a game, can make everything easier.

“Like when you were a kid, and you were just playing, not over-thinking things, like adults tend to do, just being natural,” he added.

Cheat Codes said they have big plans for the rest of 2016, including performing at Firefly Music Festival this summer.

“We’ve consistently been putting out new songs almost every month since we’ve started the project, we have about 15-20 songs done that we’re figuring out when and with who we’re gonna put them out with,” Russell said.

Russell explained that Cheat Codes began with Kevin and Matt who decided to create an electronic DJ duo, however Matt was living with Trevor at the time so the three all teamed up on a song. One song turned into four and they just kept going with it.

“The journey has been great, it’s just been a blast honestly, all the music has been super natural and we’re just having fun with it,” Russell said.

Like most, Cheat Codes main goal as producers is to create the absolute best songs.

Russell said, “The song rules every time, we’re not trying to wow you with crazy production every time necessarily, just whatever is going to be best for the song.”

Cheat Code’s Advice for Future Producers:

“Do what you feel, do whats natural, don’t overthink it. If it’s fun you’re on the right track. Also don’t settle.”
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