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RBDeep In the Mix: SNDST BYND – Pan-Pot – Home Listening Essentials

The Berlin based duo Pan-Pot is no strange name in the Techno scene. They have been touring the world as well as playing regularly at Ibiza this past summer. After a busy 2015, Pan-pot is ready to wow their fans with some new music, this time is an essential mix for any type of party or get-together at your home. The neat factor that put this mix on this week’s RBDeep In the Mix is that you can control the tempo of a party by simply controlling the volume of this mix.

This mix was made with such precision about its loudness, bassline level, and just brilliant switches between chill Techno and get-down Techno. This mix can be played at low volume for small hang-outs and its chill vibes will keep the audience tapping their feet, yet not too zoned out to the music. It can also accommodate bigger parties and kickbacks by simply increase the volume; the bass level along with some sick Techno tunes will get the audience grooving without a doubt. Check out Pan-pot’s Home Listening Essentials Mix for Second State Audio Podcast.

This mix featured artists from all over the world, some are not even in the Techno scene. For example, the first song in the mix is from a Greek duo who mainly produce ambient sounds, called One Arc Degree. Pan-pot’s library is so big, they barely played any of their music, and they are very comfortable with playing tracks from 3-4 years ago as long as the tracks fit the vibes they are trying to convey onto the audience. A few “old-school” tracks featured in the mix are “Threee” (Ripperton Mix) by Roots Panorama, and Maceo Plex’s Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar Remix). A few of other Techno artists from around the world whose tracks were featured in this incredible 100 minutes podcast mix are Tom Ellis, Pig & Dan, and Reset Robot.

After seeing this duo at EDC Las Vegas in 2015, and now having this mix on replay, I can’t wait to see them again this year, as well as seeing what they have to offer to the Techno world.

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