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Break Your Neck with Dirtyphonics, Funtcase, and Habstrakt at Monarch Early Next Month

With school ending and summer coming near, there is nothing more than crazy, dubstep fans wanting to rage. Well friends, get ready for this “Neck Breaking” event!  Dirtyphonics, Funtcase, and Habstrakt are coming to Monarch on May 7 on their Neckbreaker Tour!

Dirtyphonics are back in North America!  It has been quite some time since these three Frenchmen have reached the states after their two year worldwide tour. After their hit album Irreverence, they have been unstoppable.  Dirtyphonics have been pumping out hit singles with Lincoln Park, Skrillex, Kaskade and many more.  Don’t miss these talented Frenchmen! It could be some time before they make it back to the states.

Funtcase, also known as DJ Dose and Haze, has left England to make this epic tour.  Known for his unique facial gear, Funtcase says that his mask was “destiny.”  Raised by a DJ mother, he never thought he would ever be a performer, especially EDM DJ.  His music of choice as a child was death heavy metal. Influenced by his childhood genre, he’s now killing it around the world with top hits like Don’t Piss Me Off, Fuuuuk!, and Mattress Punch.

Habstrakt, a southern Frenchman, began his EDM journey in 2008.  Habstrakt has an extensive music history.  Before he became a DJ, he used to write music for movies and even theaters.  In 2011, he began to get notice from big names like Buygore and Dubsaw. From then on, he’s has been unstoppable. His first debut tour in the States, his unique sound is something you do not want to miss.

The Neckbreaker tour has finally made it over to the west coast.  Missing these European DJs will be regretful, but seriously…  It will be an unforgettable night.  Dance and rage the night away with these talented musicians, but most importantly don’t forget to BREAK YOUR NECK!

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