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Global Dance Festival: Bassnectar Is Real PLUR

What makes an amazing song sound even better? It’s quite a simple answer.  The answer…is knowing that the DJ who produced a song has a good, kind heart. Headliner for Global Dance Festival, Bassnectar, uses his fame and riches for the good of society.  Now, I ask you fellow friend to listen to this song before you read the rest of the article.

Performing since 1993, Bassnectar is still killing it across the music industry.  He has performed in countless shows like Coachella, EDC, Electric Forest, etc.  Any big festival you can name, you can bet Bassnectar has likely performed there.  Not only in Bassnectar killing the music game, and receiving rewards like 4th place in the American DJ Competition, he is also known for his charitable heart.  

In 2011, Bassnectar created a tour called “Dollar Per Basshead.”  For every ticket that was bought, Bassnectar would donate a $1 to a charitable cause.  Now, you would think that a dollar from every ticket would not add up, but thank goodness that Bassnectar has his crazy fanatics.  He repeated this “Dollar Per Basshead” tour in 2012 and 2013.  In total of those three years, he managed to sell 250,000 tickets.  Now, that is what you would call real PLUR.

After Bassnectar would raise $50,000, he would request that his fans go vote for the charities that they wish the money to be donated to.  First prize receives $25K, runner up receives $15k, and third place receives $10k.  He would repeat this process for every 50,000 tickets that were sold.  Bassnectar’s fans chose Alternet, Free Press, and Reach Out as their charities of choice.

The charity work does not end for Bassnectar.  For his NYE 2015 show in Birmingham, Alabama, Bassnectar told his fans that he would like his 20,000 attendees and fans to donate food, water, clothing, or money for the tornado that struck Birmingham on Christmas Day.  Donations from this event went to Red Cross and Firehouse Shelter. Birmingham, Alabama is very lucky to have such a charitable DJ perform 6 days after the tornado struck.  He made it clear that he wanted to help this city that so graciously let him play at their community.

Now, listen to that song again.  How much better is it? A lot. Why? Because this song was produced by someone with a good soul, a good heart, and really uses his music to promote love. Arizona should feel pretty lucky that this headliner is performing at Rawhide this November at Global Dance Festival. Bassnectar always promotes his charities and ask for his lovely fans to donate.  If you are a crazy Basshead fan, make him happy.  Check out his website to donate to any of this charities or click on any of the various charities above to donate now.

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