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Make Your Mark: UZ Has Some ‘Quality Goods’ To Share

Here’s to our first Make Your Mark, a feature highlighting different music imprints and how artists are taking the next steps to make their mark on the industry.  Make Your Mark will include anything from new label releases, artists that have signed to new record labels, throwbacks, and whatever is new and/or interesting about any of the industry’s hottest artist labels.  Let’s begin this new weekly feature by first talking about a new record label, “Quality Goods.”

UZ is a talented and mysterious DJ, who has made his mark as a Trap God in EDM culture.  So far, 2016 has been quite a successful year for him.  Since January, he has released two bangers. One being his remix of Alvin Risk and Hodgy Beats “Beastmode”, and his other remix of Barley Alive‘s “Stomp.”  It’s only May, and he has been killing it with his new music.  What else can UZ do? Well…UZ is now taking a new “spin” on his career. UZ has created his own record label called “Quality Goods”.  He has been working on this for months and the day finally came last week when he released his first Quality Goods Mix.  

UZ says that he wants to create a record label that creates a  “community that allows artist to work freely within the confines of their own creativity.” That was definitely shown when his debut mix for Quality Goods was released last week.  Being a big trap and bass girl, I am extremely excited for this record label and new releases. UZ states that he will be “very selective” on which artist that he chooses as far as producers for his new record label.  I cannot wait for him to pick some good quality DJs for his record label because any mix will be a head banger!

UZ is clearly a talented DJ.  He knows what he is doing, and I do not expect any mix to be less than great. UZ keeps stating that he wants great artist who define themselves with their art and passion.  Trap, bass, music, art, and passion.  Sounds pretty great and one of my favorite new record labels. Looks like any mixes that are released from Quality Goods will not be anything less than good, but great!

Connect with UZ:  Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Quality Goods: Website| Facebook| Soundcloud

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