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Phoenix Lights Flashback: Reaching with Eric Prydz

After witnessing his live set for the first time at EDC Las Vegas in 2015, my mind was made to put Eric Prydz on the must-see-again list. Naturally, I was ecstatic to see his name on the lineup for Phoenix Lights as part of his Opus tour around North America. His performance on Saturday night, April 2nd, was on par with his show at EDC, if not better.

To warm up the crowd, he began the show with a few brand new tracks that were not part of the album. Prydz then started introducing elements and parts of a few of his tracks from the album. As these samples drifted through the incredible sound system of the main stage of Phoenix Lights, they slowly formed the melody of one of his most loved tracks, “Every Day”. Check out “Every Day”!

Eric Prydz – Every Day (Official)

This is when the nostalgia kicked in for me, especially when the familiar kick snare pattern started along with the laser light show. The performance continued as Prydz took the audience through a journey of feelings. The way he manipulated the layers of bass, hi hats, and background samples was so well done, it kept the audience on their toes even when he only started the build ups. He ended his set with the album titled track “Opus” and it was as amazing as expected. After listening to the track many, many times before, the feels I got from finally listening to it live is indescribable.

The performance was very well put together; from the visualizer, to the laser light show, to the bass and frequency control, to the top-notch level of DJing, seeing Eric Prydz’s live set was an experience. I am so very glad that the EDM community in Phoenix finally get to see his festival set and I can’t wait to reach up to the Electric Sky again at his live set at EDC this year.

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