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Young’n Oscar Making A Splash With Halsey Remix

As most of us millennial and younger are realizing the impact we can have in our own world as well as the one around us (thanks to our heavy cases of helicopter parenting), no rise has been more fascinating than the elusive ‘Oscar.’ In very ordinary terms, Oscar has every right to be as private as we do, especially considering the fact he hasn’t even hit the age of 18. Who is this Oscar you say? Well, Oscar (ex. mononym, like Cher, or Bono) is a kid from Los Angeles that is probably younger than the audience reading this, and is probably making beats way sicker than yours too.

While the above remix of Halsey’s album track off of the deluxe edition of “Badlands” was released two months ago, his track has been gaining traction over social media and YouTube due to the recent success of Halsey’s new single as well. While “Gasoline” probably won’t gain the traction it needs to rocket upwards, Oscar’s remix cements him in the world of EDM by showing his chops off at a pivotal time in his youth. While this praise of his work does not reflect on the other young prodigies making music out there, Oscar sets himself apart from the others by showing a large amount of production growth in such a short time of his career.

Halsey’s “Gasoline” is just one example of his current and more recent work, but all follow en suite with dark sounds, light percussion, and lounge-y instrumentals that refuse to mess with the integrity of the original track. “Hype” is another good example of the direction he ended up going with on the Halsey track, and is a good resource for a touch of his independent works shortly before his internet-discovery. Oscar’s work would definitely not be identified as innovation by the Roger Eberts of the electronic music world, but his ear for music and the growth he has had sonically over the past year since his first release gives us a reason to keep paying attention. While he may not have too many tracks under his belt, stay tuned to his Soundcloud for more surprises along the way!

Connect with Oscar: Official Website | Twitter | Soundcloud | Hype Machine

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