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Spinnin’ Records Previews Lucas and Steve’s “Can’t Get Enough”

Amsterdam has had no shortage of talented artists churning out the brightest hits, as we come to the middle of our 2016 journey in music. After the hype of their recent hit single, “Make It Right,” Dutch duo Lucas de Wert and Steve Jansen are making splashes again, for on May 2nd, 2016, Spinnin’ Records released an exclusive preview through Soundcloud as well as their webpage, entitled “Can’t Get Enough.” Although you’ve probably heard something synonymous in EDM with their catchy title, Lucas and Steve are bringing their specialty in high-frequency riffs to give you what house is supposed to be in 2016. While these recent house-newcomers may be from the same city some of our other favorite acts our from, do not mistake them for “run of the mill.”

Although “Can’t Get Enough” may be facing a May 23rd release, check out the sweetest beats from their aforementioned, “Make It Right,” which features a cool and smooth synth riff that rips over the treble-y backbeat that threatens to invade your summer with something that carries the party, but gives you a nice break from those trap beats that are starting to infiltrate our summer playlists. Even in their music video, it’s obvious that the American sensibilities of humor are not foreign to these guys, channeling Fat Boy Slim in a very found-footage-esque view of Hollywood, incorporating geeky dance moves.

While we all wait in anticipation to see if “Can’t Get Enough” is going to have a sick music video as well, it seems the 23rd can’t come soon enough when the full track drops. For this summer’s slew of recent house tracks, Lucas & Steve are not the only two Dutch guys you should be keeping an eye on.

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