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Straight Chillin: Be Sad But In a Chill Kind of Way With Basenji’s “Chroma”

Whether you had a wild Saturday night out in Scottsdale or a lively brunch all day Sunday (with one mimosa after another), it’s pretty likely you’ll find yourself wanting to chill out a bit on your Sunday nights to get yourself ready for a busy week. Electronic producer Basenji is here to help you do just that with “Chroma.”

For those of your digging a house beat but are looking for something much cooler and with a bit of substance, “Chroma” is the track for you. Spend seven minutes and twenty-nine seconds wrapped up in melancholic sounds over a smooth and simple beat. After the layers of sound border on overwhelming, a drop sneaks in and you’ll get to enjoy a steady rhythm and some groovy guitar-like sounds to get you moving a bit.  Throw in a simple, repeating vocal sample and a feels-inducing chord progression and you’ve got yourself a perfect track to listen to while you’re straight chillin’ on a Sunday night.

Listen for yourself below:

Born Sebastian Muecke, Basenji signed to Future Classic in 2014 (the same label that introduced you to Flume, Wave Racer, Flight Facilities, and Hayden James). Basenji’s sounds are a fun, bright, and poppy take on electronic music – easily demonstrated by his song “Heirloom” and  the rest of his EP, Trackpad. He also likes eating almonds and riding his bike, according to his bio.

He performed in the US for the first time just this past March with Wave Racer, but with catchy and creative tunes like his, it’s safe to say that performance won’t be his last one in the States. Keep up with him on Soundcloud and social media and who knows – maybe he’ll make his way here to Phoenix sometime!

Connect with Basenji: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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