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5 Songs You Need On Your Funktronica Playlist

Funk music may have been a thing of the 70’s, but like all things, it’s making its comeback. Today, music producers are capitalizing on this classic genre’s rhythm-driven quality and adding their own electronic twist, creating an entirely new subsection of EDM: Funktronica.

When in doubt, get funky with these 5 songs.


1. Big Gigantic- Get On Up

If funky sax and groovy beats are your thing, Big Gigantic is your group. This duo from Boulder, Colorado bring straight “funky-ass beats” that’ll make you get on up and groovin’ to one of their most popular tracks.

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2. Bakermat & Goldfish feat. Marie Plassard- Games Continued

Bakermat and Goldfish teamed up to create this smooth house hit featuring soft vocals by Marie Plassard. If you love impressive saxophone solos and head bobbing worthy beats, this song is for you.

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3. GRiZ- Stop Trippin’ (with iDA HAWK)

This GRiZ classic is a must for any funky playlist. IDA HAWK does her own thing with soulful vocals while the saxophone and bass give this track a unique feel. “Stop Trippin’” is a little bit of everything: a little bit of soul meets R&B meets funk meets dubstep.

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4. Madeon- You’re On (Gramatik Instrumental Remix)

Gramatik, another king of future funk, remixed Madeon’s “You’re On” and added subtle guitar riffs giving the remix a soulful, groovy smooth feel. It’s like a far-out flash back to the 70’s wrapped up into some incredible beats.

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5. Grizmatik- Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom

So imagine if GRiZ and Gramatik had a baby… that baby would be one of the grooviest, funkiest music producers ever. Well, meet Grizmatik, the matchup the world has been waiting for. They’ve been killing it for years at festivals and parties and this track shows just what this combo is capable of. They bring the groove and the energy through bass thumping beats and soulful vocals in this track.

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