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Chet Porter Drops Chill Remix of Galantis’ “No Money”

No, he’s not Chet Faker and Porter Robinson’s side project. Chet Porter is an artist all on his own and he’s creating beautiful, vibey, trippy, chillwave music.

If you haven’t heard what Chet Porter is capable of, you’re missing out.

Here’s his most recent remix of Galantis‘ “No Money.” Check it out:

Galantis- No Money (Chet Porter Remix)

It’s simple, and calming to begin, with birds chirping quitely in the background. Then, it builds up ever so slightly to a delicate drop that lights and lifts the spirit. Throughout this remix, gentle flute-like sounds carry it to new levels.  Galantis’ original leaves a similarly pleasant feeling, yet Chet Porter adds a more imaginative feeling to it.

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This wasn’t Chet Porter’s first time mixing a Galantis song, in 2014 he revamped Runaway (U & I) and created an elegant, magical, musical journey.

Chet Porter is on the rise and made his mark this year opening for acts like Hippie Sabotage, Jai Wolf, Big Wild and Odesza. This September, he’s even making his debut at Backwoods Music Festival.

Chet is definitely worth a listen, his songs are soothing, mystical and allow you to escape reality. (And if you’re into The Legend of Zelda, Chet Porter will hold a special place in your heart.)

Connect with Chet Porter: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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