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Dennis Cruz’s “New Life” Goes to #1 On Beatport

Since 2010, Dennis Cruz has been on the rise to becoming a prolific figure in a genre that is making its trudge into the mainstream. Coming from Madrid, Spain, Cruz has been mixing the genre of techno, as well as being nominated for “Best Tech-House Spanish Artist” as well as “Best Male Spanish Artist” at the 2015 Vicious Music Awards, hosted by Corona, which showcases EDM artists and musical talent in Spain. At the end of May, Dennis Cruz’s new single, “New Life,” features an infectious techno backbeat matched with the sultry vocals of Nina Simone, reached number one on Beatport.

For those less keen on classic pop standards, Dennis Cruz’s inclusion of Nina Simone on a modern techno track indeed isn’t a new concept, but provides an added depth to the throbbing beats featured in the track. Nina Simone, almost growing to an obscure musical position and only being recognized for her extreme 60s activism shows his close attention to other genres outside of his own. Staying strong at the #1 position on Beatport, Dennis Cruz’s brand is starting to expand to the United States and European house communities as techno is starting to make a rise again in the genre of EDM as more house artists are starting to incorporate a classic techno backbone to their stylings.

As part of his SNATCHOFF031 E.P. on Soundcloud, Dennis Cruz’s other tracks that team up with New Life feature more Madrid sounds than New Life provides. New Life is a track that will pique interest due to its stylings, but at the same time, does not challenge the status quo providing a good balance of appealing to the mainstream, yet not failing to have grasping production. Upon first listen, you may think you’re witnessing run-of-the-mill techno, but New Life, as well as the other tracks featured on the E.P. contain odd vocal samples that are not only political, but derive from more tribal elements that definite strike up the word, “jungle.” Keep an eye on Dennis Cruz, because this tech-house maven from Spain has no plans of stopping.

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