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Face The Bass Ft: Koinu, Creaky Jackals, and Ekali

Face The Bass is here to showcase some of the gnarliest sounding tracks that have us hitting replay. We’ve all been there, sitting with our headphones in, strolling every streaming site, looking for a song nobody has heard of to melt our friends’ faces and bring people to their knees with unruly bass. This week is one of my favorites as we’ve found a treasure cove of goodies to show off. We’re featuring Koinu as our Artist on the Pedestal, Creaky Jackals’ fresh Enfant Terribles EP, and Ekali’s Coachella Mix. Let the Bass begin.

Artist on the Pedestal: Koinu

There is nothing better than finding a new artist that has an arsenal of songs your ears have yet to enjoy, especially when that artist has a handful of different alias’ and they range in every genre there is. Koinu is actually one of many personas that Tampa, Florida resident Nick Kaelar has mastered. Koinu is his take on an Anime influenced, bass heavy, storyteller. As an avid gamer Nick always thought of himself as a storyteller of sorts. Face The Bass would have to agree. From various names from Varien to Chrono Rabbit, all of Nick Kaeler’s music has some sort of world tucked in between each head nod.

EP Showcase: Creaky Jackals’ Enfant Terribles

“Enfant Terribles” is a French expression that translates to a child that speaks harsh truths to their family and friends. And that is exactly what Creaky Jackals’ new EP translates to as well. From start to finish, Enfant Terribles has a sense of candidness that only true artist can transpose into their work. The Paris Duo having a slew of rich bangers under their belt, such as “OG Purp” a bass heads anthem, sets them up for this amazing piece of work to shine. It starts with a slow, future hitter “Don’t Give Up On” which I’m sure most of us can relate too. Calin Cave, the featured vocalist on the track, perfectly puts you in a trance with her sensational matching the tone of the mix. Next up is ‘Take It Low’, this track sounds like they mixed it right in a forest. Foreign sounding to their heaviest hitters, the EP has something for everyone. There are three additional tracks to this gem so make sure too give it a listen.

Mixing it up: Ekali

Ekali, if your ears have been blessed by listening to any one of his tracks you know just how unique his music truly is. Honestly there is not one bad Ekali mix out there. Nathan Shaw, Vancouver native, has amassed a library of music that hits every emotion there is. Mr. Shaw growing up with music all around, playing in bands since he was 14, attending Red Bull’s Music Academy in Tokyo, along with featuring on a plethora of artist’s work has been brought up with music in his veins it seems like. This week Ekali released his recent 2016 Coachella set and its perfect. Featuring a handful of ID tracks mixed with his most prominent songs, it is everything Face The Bass represents. We cannot wait for all of Ekali’s unreleased material. After you hear this mix, we are sure you won’t be able too either.

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