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GAZZO & Sugarwhiskey debut Matt & Kim cover, “Daylight”

GAZZO and Sugarwhiskey appeared on all our feeds once again two days ago when they dropped their Matt & Kim cover of “Daylight.” While it could have been super simple to cover one of Matt & Kim’s more recent hits for exposure, GAZZO took the high road and took us all back when Matt & Kim where just releasing their sophomore album, “Grand.” On this track, it’s not a surprise that we find a lot of the indie-pop stylings of yesteryear intact, but this cover showcases more than your average karaoke-cover effort: GAZZO and Sugarwhiskey’s brand new “cover” shows that they are willing to push the buttons of the industry by diving deeper into the composition and implementing their musical knowledge.

It is no secret that GAZZO has provided a “cover” for us in the past last time we caught up with him, but “covering” something in the world of EDM is surely a more recent concept than the idea of the “remix.” By providing a cover of the song, GAZZO is reworking the song to make it his own, and also incorporating the naturally harmonized efforts of Sugarwhiskey to give it the update it needs;

And an update it got, for “Daylight” is a complete EDM rework that keeps the spirit of the original with an acoustic guitar riff as well as Indie percussion elements, but contains a sweet-as-pie eastern-influenced drop that reminds us this isn’t 2009 anymore. As from the last cover we tuned into GAZZO for, the musical ear he possesses as a producer goes deeper than a typical button-masher in the industry, and shows a very intricate knowledge of catchy riffs, yet not sacrificing the spirit of the track he is working on. It is no secret that one can learn the ins-and-outs of a program used for musical production, but it takes someone who is passionate about their art to produce a song that transfers a sort of emotion to its listener.

“Daylight” is definitely here to also cement the relationship between GAZZO and Sugarwhiskey, for both of them prove to have a chemistry that does not overpower one or the other. Check out GAZZO & Sugarwhiskey’s new cover of “Daylight,” and ride the hype-train with these two artists into the sunset.

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