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How to Avoid Getting Scammed when Buying Tickets Online

Once an event sells out and you still haven’t bought your tickets, it’s a rough feeling thinking you may not be able to attend. You’ve already been thinking about what outfits you will be wearing to the festival, but now it’s sold out. Tickets can be expensive on resale websites, so you hop onto social media to see if anyone else is willing to give theirs up. When purchasing tickets not from the official website, use these methods to minimize the risk of getting scammed:


Join ticket selling groups on Facebook
Facebook is a hub for selling tickets. There are even groups that people have created to sell tickets for specific events. Bassnectar fans have created a ‘Bassnectar Face Value Ticket Exchange’ page so buyers can avoid getting ripped off. Other group members usually post if they have gotten scammed by someone. They include their name and sometimes screenshots of the interaction they had with the scammer. Admins then weed out these individuals to keep the group authentic.

Check out the seller’s Facebook page and other social media websites
How many photos do they have? How much contact information is listed? Ask yourself these questions and do your research to feel out whether you think the seller is reliable or not.

Ask to be shown the receipt of purchase
You cannot use a receipt to get into an event, so the seller shouldn’t be concerned with showing it to you. It does not have a barcode on it and cannot be scanned for entry. If someone claims they have a ticket they need to sell, ask them to show you the receipt to make sure they do have a ticket in their possession.

Always use PayPal to transfer money
When paying for your ticket, PayPal protects your purchase if the seller does not provide you with what you have purchased. Always make sure to use the ‘goods and services’ option when transferring money. Remember that they do take out 2.9% of the total amount when transferring, so the seller may ask you for extra money to cover the fee. It is well worth it because your money is protected. Make sure you keep screen shots and receipts of any conversation you have with someone selling you a ticket.

Ask for the package to be tracked
If the seller does not provide you with a tracking number, PayPal automatically decides the case in your favor. Tracking also allows you to keep track of where your package is and lowers the chance of it getting lost.

Always remember to be smart when purchasing tickets from an outside source, especially when paying hundreds of dollars for a festival ticket. It can be risky, but if you implement these tips you will find yourself having a positive transaction.

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