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Juicy Sounds by Jackal

Attend Electric Forest this weekend? Jackal is one unique act that absolutely killed it. He performing on Tripolee stage on Sunday night, did you catch him? Jackal began creating music after being inspired by the rise of Skrillex in 2011 and has since had a number of releases on labels like Mad Decent and others.


Jackal has been bangin’ some of the most distinct beats out there. Electronic music seems to keep getting more complex as the scene grows. He is an artist that has taken advantage of it because he keeps your mind wondering what you’re even listening to.

The music is great and doesn’t seem to fit perfectly into a typical genre. Surely, many of you have heard his most popular track, “Chinchilla” get chucked into many artist’s sets, but Jackal deserves a bit more looking into. Here are just some of his tracks that will surely have you pulling out your most peculiar dance moves.





In September, Jackal will also be coming to Phoenix for this year’s Mad Decent Block Party. He will be playing along with Diplo, Snakehips, and Tchami plus many many more.

Purchase tickets here.

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