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KimKat Are Baring Their Claws For 2016

Since their debut in 2012, KimKat has become rather of an anomaly in a world of dance that has based itself on bringing together the fringe minorities of individuals and bringing them together all in the name of PLUR. EDM has almost taken a “rockstar” quality to its brand of artists in making them almost akin to the fame of pop stars and superheroes within the scene as the dance community and EDM genre stretch more into the mainstream. What do we have after this commercial rebirth of the genre? Well, KimKat, actually; unlike many DJs who sport extreme looks and hairstyles behind the boards, Kim Lee originated from the world of modeling, while Katrina “Kat” Nova harks back to her days as a professional Russian swimmer; their promo pictures make you think more of a classy pin-up music video style than anything too “avant guard.”

These two ladies definitely have things to offer, for Kim Lee’s professional modeling and music video career, to Kat Nova’s background in finance, and more audience-relatable activities have given them a life experience that isn’t usually mentioned after well-known DJs/producers hit the big time. Although we haven’t heard any updates from their MTV Asia reality show “What’s Up It’s KimKat” scheduled to air in 2014, we can tell you that these two ladies are taking no prisoners in the summer of 2016 and beyond. Appearance is one of the stronger things that set these two femme fatales apart from their industry, giving some Tyra Banks-style realness that any fabulous diva can aspire to. The world of production and music has always possessed a patriarchal sense of leadership that had disparaged the female experience; “Since 1974, only six women have been nominated for Producer of the Year. How might we inspire more females to explore music making?” Kat George makes a point: and by simply building themselves and their brand involving ceaseless touring in Asia and otherwise, Kim Kat is showing that a man’s world is no problem from two DJs who were originally strong career women.

2016 for KimKat has been relatively quiet due to their busy schedules, but have involved the releases of full-length house mixes, and a few songs, Burnin’ Up, which has proved to be a winner as a hype single. All of their mixes blend strong traditional house elements mixed with melodic and groundshaking drops that round the track off.

On June 25th, 2016 at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, KimKat in the flesh will be performing their set along with R3HAB in a joint performance that is going to burn the house down. Be sure to grab your tickets fast because you won’t want to miss this femme fatale force of nature. Although on terms of releases they have been relatively quiet, listening to their house mixes can give you the clue that they aren’t taking any prisoners with their U.S. tour.  

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