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Lil Dicky’s Video For “Molly” Will Give You The Feels

Lil Dicky’s newest music video of “Molly” might be the “hardest pill to swallow” in terms of music video releases this summer. Released on June 9th, 2016, “Molly” featured the layered chorus vocals of Brendon Urie, with a music video containing a narrative that would make any grown man cry at the jump of a hat. At first glance, the video starts off as every wedding-included music video package begins: all of Lil Dicky’s friends are throwing jabs at eachother and pregaming before a party. Although these scenes usually denote that the main character is getting married and marrying someone they don’t want to be with, Lil Dicky’s theme floats with an unrequited love that ended too soon due to his “marriage to rap.”

Lil Dicky – Molly feat. Brendon Urie (Official Video)

It is no joke that we are pretty used to Lil Dicky slinging humorous bars than actually taking us on a deeper level, but songs like the title track of “Professional Rapper” have taken humorous bars and mixed them with a sense of a stern motivation that will make you laugh, but also advise you not to mess with him. He may be a scrawny, privileged kid from the suburbs, but his knack for rhyme and interesting diction has changed the context of conversation vs. song.

“Molly” strips away any precognition of what song had introduced you to Dicky on the way, and paints an emotion we have all felt too well. While you are watching him shoot the shit with his friends, you forget that not only is he not apart of the wedding, he is watching an ex he once loved in the arms of someone else.

What makes the music video is not the story line, and as most music videos go, the imagery is the strongest. Not to say this was directed by Michael Bay, but “Molly” is almost painted to portray that feeling we have all felt: being the only one at the party who isn’t having fun. As guests are enjoying the wedding of their new friend, Lil Dicky is sitting with other unassuming bachelors who are having the time of their lives. Lil Dicky continues to reminisce through the lyrics of the choice he made, and sometimes we feel the same as well. 

The human condition is almost incomplete without that feeling of longing for what was, and regret for the choices you made. Although Lil Dicky did find success in rap very recently, Brendon Urie’s chorus and Lil Dicky’s coherent verses reflect, regardless of success, if that long term choice we made was indeed the best one. The emotions felt throughout his lyrics and also the musicality of the video represent the emotions that we don’t always wish we had to face, and the decisions that came to smack us right in the face when we see happiness in a story line of our life that we thought was once paused. Take a hit of “Molly,” and witness a more vulnerable side to Lil Dicky that doesn’t always show.

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