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Make Your Mark: Insomniac Records Gives Headliners a Little Treat

It’s almost here. The moment we have all been waiting for! EDC Las Vegas 2016 is here next week! Some of us are going and some of us are not, but that is okay! Insomniac Records has your back!

Insomniac Records began in 2014, when Insomniac CEO and founder, Pasquale Rotella, decided to make another big mark on this robust industry.  He extended his domain. Pasquale partnered with Interscope Records to create none other than Insomniac Records.  Pasquale stated:

“The Interscope team has an unparalleled track record of success and I believe that with our combined efforts, Insomniac Records is going to launch the careers of undiscovered artists while also attracting established producers allowing them to create music that the fans will love.”

Pasquale also wants a “closed circuit” between fans and artists. The record label proves to the artist the fan loyalty. It also shows the fans that each Insomniac event will be at it’s best with all the talent they are bringing. As Pasquale says, “Whether it’s drum & bass or trance or pop dance music, we’re going to cover it all, just like our festivals.”

With that being said, today, June 10, Insomniac Records gives us a little early treat.  A treat that is 24 hours long, and highlights all the sounds at this year’s EDC Las Vegas. Get a little taste of this year’s raddest of sounds with Insomniac Records Present: EDC Las Vegas 2016. Some of the artists on this compilation include Datsik, Seven Lions, Rusko, and many more! Thanks for the strip tease Insomniac! I am sure many headliners will be pleased.

Gladiator x Two Fresh – Peach Patch

Check out this 24 hour long dream on their website. Also, if you are a headliner at this year’s EDC Las Vegas, do not forget to check out Insomniac Record’s stage to see this track come to life! If you are missing the show, turn that frown upside down because thankfully you can stream EDC Las Vegas Live from theirs truly, Insomniac Records.

Connect with Insomniac Records: Website | Twitter| Facebook| Soundcloud

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