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Paul Oakenfold Takes Off With BRKLYN & Amba Shepherd

In the past few years, the genre that Paul Oakenfold saw when he first started crafting house beats vary greatly from the immense amount of new talent we have in EDM. While Paul Oakenfold may bring up memories of his past remixes and musical landmarks, 2016 is going to be a summer of bangers as the sultry and feathery-light vocals of Amba Shepherd, Australian singer-songwriter, as well as BRKLYN, a duo which features recent Los Angeles-based progressive house producers that come together in an explosion of musical experience. While Paul Oakenfold’s extensive knowledge of older house combined with the new trends set by his other coworkers in the song, come together to create an oddly diverse and melodic track unlike most of the current time.

The contributions that BRKLYN bring forward reflect a background in live instrumentation, as well as guaranteeing the songs live playability as well as not suffering from the syndrome of “too many cooks in the kitchen.” With just enough of that moxy and chemical X, Paul Oakenfold and friends have successfully engineered one of the catchiest house songs coming out in time for the beach. “U ARE” is the first installation and lead single of Oakenfold’s upcoming album, PopKiller, as well as BRKLYN flexing their guns as well with their bangers, “Steal Your Heart” and “Can’t Get Enough.” Amba Shepherd’s vocals and natural-born talent shine through the instrumentals, featuring lyrics and chord progressions that don’t challenge or throw off the rest of the production. The “just right” mixture of the song satisfies your need for something unique production-wise, but still is catchy enough to blast through the charts.

Be sure to grab a copy of PopKiller later this year as well as keep on the lookout for releases from BRKLYN and Amba Shepherd as “U ARE” showcases all the best bits.

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