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Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE – Superstar (Ft. Krewella)

Man would you just look at that title? You’ve got the wisdom and knowledge of Pegboard Nerds who have been along for quiet some time, Krewella who commercially was probably one of the biggest EDM groups for a second, and the young stud NGHTMRE who came instantly out of nowhere gaining recognition from artists all across the board. After they wrote this track they even had a dope premiere for it live in LA and brought out Krewella to sing, which you can check out right here. Wish I had gone to that one!

I don’t think I could honestly think of a more perfect collaboration of artists, such a diverse set of skills and styles are obtained with this group. While the percussive trap style beats of NGHTMRE hit hard, Pegboard Nerds throws in some dubstep growls during the drop/breakdowns/build-ups to add some intensity, all while Krewella’s punk-ish vocals flow over the track. The track sits at 3 and a half minutes, which may seem short to you, but the song is so well produced that we’re completely okay with putting it on repeat.

Don’t forget that Krewella will be here in Arizona September 23rd so display her wonderful vocal talent and this song! Grab tickets right here while you can!

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