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RB Deep Exclusive Interview: Sacha Robotti Taking Stages By Storm With Booty House

Sacha Robotti is without a doubt a man to catch in action behind the decks if you haven’t already. As a figure sitting at the helm of a night club or a festival stage, he stands like a smiling puppeteer, pulling the strings of his incredible repertoire to make bodies on the dance floor surrender to the beat. In short, this guy knows how to work a room and bust insane tunes.

Whether you’re out on a weekend night jamming to his sets or listening to his mixes on a morning commute, Sacha Robotti serves up tunes with the right amount of bounce and bass. Having rocked stages for Dirtybird and club parties for Crssd and Gem & Jam, it was no surprise that when Sacha graced the decks at Monarch, his audience was fully engaged. Never afraid to break the artist-to-fan barrier, Sacha Robotti could be seen taking shots and pictures and exchanging high-fives with anyone willing to reach out, turning a club night into a real house party. With his master curation skills, he killed it at the DoLAB stage at Coachella and turned that set into one of the most talked about house sets of the weekend. Now, with sights set to upcoming performances at EDC and Burning Man, some of the largest gatherings in the US dance music scene, Sacha Robotti talks about how his time in the US has helped reignite his flow.

Last time we spoke you were about to move to LA, how has the change in scenery inspired your music?
Hi there! We talked last year in October right? Oh man, I’ve been very happy to live here since I moved to LA in December. The change of scenery made me more relaxed, cheerful, sunny, and I managed to work on music with some good friends who live here or were around at the same time! Inspiration isn’t endless, it sometimes has to be recharged if it’s depleted.

What was the vibe you were setting with your mix of Billy Kenny’s “Work Me”?
Sometimes I basically make a completely new track when I remix an original, and just use one or two sounds of the original. Since I liked the material Billy gave me, especially the bassline, I kept the vibe of Billy’s original and just reworked the beat, dubbing out the track.

Your Coachella set at the DoLAB stage was one of the most talked about sets that weekend, tell me a bit about that set.
It was hands down one of the highlights of my career so far and I’m glad there’s a recording of it! The crowd was so fun and danced really hard, it seemed like the stage itself acted as a pressure cooker, heating up everyone. Also, it was my birthday on the same day, Jesse Wright from Do Lab animated the crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” for me at the end. I haven’t celebrated this day much for the last years, so you can imagine how good it felt when those thousands of smiling people sing for me! I was very touched to say the least.

Now that you’ve done DoLAB’s stage at Coachella, what did you expect for your set at Lightning in a Bottle?
Again this time I didn’t expect much, because Lightning in a Bottle was another new experience in a new place for me. I’ve had a lot of “first times” since I moved here!
I knew that the festival would be curated as meticulously as the DoLab stage @ Coachella, or the Dirtybird Campout. My friends here in LA have been bigging it up a lot, so I knew it would be a fun experience. I also knew that the crew, who I love and who’ve been supporting me a lot since the Campout, would deliver again and do their best to make it an awesome experience for everyone. My set time @ LIB turned into 2.5 hours, which is basically the double from Coachella. I like to play longer sets to showcase more new (and old) music, so I was very happy it came together as nicely as it did!

What can we expect from Sacha Robotti this year?
I’m playing EDC and Raindance in June, Burning Man in summer, Dirtybird Campout in fall, and I’m on tour with Ardalan for some more “Dirtybird Thunder Tour” dates. Many more gigs are in the works and I feel that my Coachella and LIB sets will help with the bookings. It’s been great to play with Ardy, I love him and I’m very thankful he took me under his wing as a partner in crime slash support act!
I produced a few new trax too that work the dancefloor like magic. A collab with Justin Jay and his Fantastic Voyage fam is coming out on the Dirtybird BBQ compilation this summer, I made trax with Kill Frenzy, Will Clarke, Slowbody, and a few solo ones. Also I signed an EP and a single track to Insomniac. So much is in the works, it’s crazy I can hardly keep up with everything!
In terms of my “life”, this whole USA episode was a test for me to see what I can accomplish here when I’m on site and grinding hard for 6 months. So I went pretty much “all in” in terms of work, but I kept “half a life” in Berlin in order to be able to go back if needed. It’s not been the healthiest approach at all, but things have been going so well that I would like to stay in the States for the entire duration of my 3 year Artist Visa. I feel like I’m building some momentum right now, which I want to keep alive and grow.. to be continued! 

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