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RB Exclusive Interview: Meet Indie-Electronic Trio, Ember Island

Swedish trio, Ember Island, has made their mark in the indie-electronic scene. With over 20 million SoundCloud plays, 5 million streams on Spotify and 10 million views on Youtube, their music is now reaching across the globe. Covers of popular hits like “Where Are Ü Now” and “Can’t Feel My Face” have beautifully made their way into our hearts, while originals like “Stay” and “Need You” still continue to amaze.

And now, the trio has elegantly transformed another track from their very own band member Didrick.

Listen to “Didrick x Ember Island” here:

Didrick x Ember Island- Smoke

We had the opportunity to learn a little more about this new track by chatting with Ember Island.

First things first, can we have a quick intro of everyone in the group? Describe who you are, what got each of you started in music, your role in Ember Island

Sure! So we’re a three-person band. Alex sings and plays viola, Joakim plays guitar, and Didrik plays keys and works with the production. We all come from musical backgrounds. Didrik and I (Joakim) knew each other from our local Swedish metal/hardcore music scene. Ember Island started as just something fun for us all to do on the side, but things kind of clicked and it’s taken on a whole new meaning for us.

How did Ember Island start?

Me and Didrik had known each other for a couple of years and decided to start making music together for fun. When we realized that we had something special going on and that neither of us could sing, we decided to search for a vocalist. Our paths crossed with Alex’s and all three of us felt like it was a perfect match. Even though we all come from different places and backgrounds, we’re at a point with Ember Island where we all contribute to the entire creative process.

How would you describe your music?

We’re not so good with words when it comes to describing music… but the atmosphere is something that plays an important role in our music. We want to create a room for each song – out of the studio and into a scene where a story is being told. A lot of our music right now is soft and melodic, even melancholy. We have some new music in the works as well that’s a little more upbeat. We always looking for new ways to express different emotions.

What inspires you?

Pretty much anything as long as it moves you.

Tell me about your new rendition of your very own band member Didrick’s track “Smoke.” Why did you choose this track?

It all begins with a great song. We fell in love with this one and felt an emotional vibe to it that we wanted to highlight even more. Plus it’s a win win situation collaborating with your own band member!

Why did you choose to go the direction you did with this mix?

Everything sort of happened naturally with this one. We followed our impulses and experimented with stuff around us that were making sounds. For example, we had to run some errands with the car and noticed that the sound of the indicators where in the same key as the song, and that became one of the first elements of track.

Can we expect more collaboration with Didrick and Ember Island in the future?

We hope so! It really is a privilege to have the opportunity to collaborate with a friend!

You’ve remixed massive hits like “Where are Ü Now” and “Can’t Feel My Face.” Do you have any other songs in mind that may ready to be remixed by your group?

Of course! But that’s for us to know and you to find out…

What’s next for Ember Island?

Our EP is finally coming out in August! In the meantime we’re writing and recording a lot of music! We’re also trying to bring even more visuals and artwork to go along with our music this summer.

Any advice for aspiring musicians/producers?

Don’t pay so much attention to what others are doing. Focus on what’s unique about you and then run with that. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Magnify that beauty for others to see and hear.

Connect with Ember Island: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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