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RB Exclusive Interview: One On One With Party Thieves

Party Thieves is a solo artist from New York that has swiftly made his presence known in the EDM community producing massive trap remixes and originals that have garnered support from artists such as RL Grime, Skrillex, Diplo, TJR, Adventure Club, FLOSSTRADAMUS, UZ, Brillz, Firebeatz, and many more. Now he’s back offering a 4 track EP titled “Undrafted.” The EP takes quite a different production approach than most of his music, with some jungle terror and cathedral vibes. The EP just happens to be the first release on FLOSSTRADAMUS’s new record label, Hi Def Youth, and I had the chance to ask him a few questions about it all.

How did you get into producing and how did you discover trap music?

My college roommate my sophomore year introduced me to dubstep, then after browsing a bit i came across festival trap.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I used to give an answer like Kanye or Nature. And as cliche as that sounds, I they are still two of my top musical influences.

Since you started your career how would you say your life has changed?

My life hasn’t really changed. It is definitely something new that I am doing and I am enjoying it but I wouldn’t say anything has changed. The basic things though that are new experiences are traveling non stop, meeting new people in the industry, and having new experiences.

How does it feel being the first artist to release music on FLOSSTRADAMUS’ new label?

It’s a great feeling. Ive looked up to Floss and their team for a long time now. This makes me want to work harder on my music and my brand.

Where did the inspiration for Undrafted EP come from and how would you say it turned out?

I would say my inspiration comes from all my life obstacles, different highs and lows, and all the music culture I have been surrounded by.

What’s your favorite track on the EP?

I used to actually choose one track for a question like this but I would really have to say the entire EP because the way I created it, it really all is one story.

How did the cathedral/jungle terror sound come about?

I have been working on this sound for a little bit now and its something that resonates with me.

What can we expect from Party Thieves in the future, anything in the works?

I have a collaboration with Flosstradamus which is ready but we are looking for a vocal. Working with Hucci on something big but that’s all I can say right now.

What is the best advice you can give to aspiring producers?

Keep going after it. Nothing is too hard to achieve if you devote every waking minute to your craft. Know how to balance everything and make sure you’re happy doing it.

We are looking forward to having you here in Phoenix. Any words for your fans out here?

Get ready for high energy the entire time. Don’t come tired.

Well it sounds like we have something to look forward to here this weekend with Party Thieves joining us at the Gypsy Bar in Phoenix for a show that will have you the opposite of yawning.

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