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Say Hello to Mielo’s Boiling Redux of Porter Robinson’s “Say My Name”

Porter Robinson’s “Say My Name” is already an extremely well conducted track with an upbeat, high energy, and of course that Porter Robinson 8 bit techno sound he has incorporated into many tracks. This Mielo redux is completely different than his original song. In order to get full effects of this redux, please turn your volume all the way up!

Mielo is most commonly known for his song “Surreal” and has been killing it in the industry ever since.  “Say My Name” is another track that shows his complete skill as a DJ. “Say My Name” Mielo Redux begins with a much slower pace than the original track. The redux begins with a slow build up with the lyrics and a beautiful piano composition. It goes into a crazy drop with an high energy, fluttery, symphonic beat, then back to a calmer state of sound. The next big drop is what made me go absolutely wild for this song. I have talked about musical highs and lows before,  but I have never experienced a song like this.  The next drop is the same fluttery sound with moments of silence.  The drop is very choppy, but very beautiful with intense vibrations.

Mielo is having quite a busy year! He will be performing at  Spring Awakening, 515 Alive Festival, and Summer Set Festival this year. Check out his Soundcloud! I can easily see this DJ making his way up to top-billing headliner at festivals within coming years!

Connect with Mielo: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

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