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ZHU drops “Generationwhy” In Anticipation of Full-Length, Debut Album

Since “Faded” hit number 12 on the U.S. Dance Charts in 2014, Chinese-American producer ZHU has been dropping hits toward his house debut album entitled Generation Why. EPs and promo singles have scattered his career since 2014, but Generation Why will mark the first cohesive and full-length effort that will bridge all of the “moxy” he has been saving up to give us the good stuff. With his album on the way, ZHU premiered “In The Morning,” with quite an unsettlingly pleasurable video that layered house beats and obscure indie sounds with visuals that would rival an introduction to biology and the microscope.

ZHU – In The Morning

On June 13th, 2016, ZHU revealed another hint to what would be the full-length effort of his first album. While his album is not facing release until around July 29th, 2016, Generationwhy was released to give us the smackdown of what a title track should be. Generationwhy follows en suite what ZHU is wanting to accomplish: to cement himself as a very transient house artist that incorporates worldwide sounds into a cohesive effort. Generationwhy is a good indicator of what to expect on the Generation Why album, for possessing very latin beat-elements mixed with a catchy guitar riff boasts simplicity, but reveals that sometimes less is more.

The simplicity of Generationwhy shouldn’t be perceived as “simple,” from a production sense, for ZHU takes a large amount of sounds and manages to combine them into one melody, with only a haunting guitar riff to punctuate certain changes in the music. While less is indeed more, sometimes crafting a more simplistic song with a punch requires more time and effort to get the desired effect out of a song that captures the audiences attention, and gets the job done. Generationwhy is a track that is not only a good followup to “In The Morning,” but also takes great strides in being an effective title track. Although not always true, sometimes the title track can be the most important “indicator” of what vibes are flowing for an album, and Generation Why’s presumed title track makes no secret that this album is going to be a house journey. Be sure to grab ZHU’s new album, Generation Why on July 29th, 2016.

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