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All Hail the Black Tiger Sex Machine! “Welcome to Our Church” Remix LP

Growing up I used to go to church every Sunday morning, begrudgingly of course. Now I sleep in on Sundays after raging too hard to this dastardly, yet divine Black Tiger Sex Machine compilation featuring remixes by YOOKiE, Axel Boy, Eliminate, RIOT, Twine, ak9, Sullivan King, HAEZER, CONVEX, and SWAGE.

Count your blessings because this remix LP has been brought down from Mount Sinai from the paws of black tiger gods of electronic bass music. BTSM unites with artists all over the world to create a musical chimera, an amalgamation of genres ranging from dubstep, DnB, breakbeat, rock, and classical music. This album is a juxtaposition of hard and soft, light and dark. You’ll be swept up on a thrilling carpet ride from the jungle forest to the inner city. BTSM brings alive the struggle of human existence in the modern age. Within each of us is a beast just trying to survive in a world much bigger than ourselves. Sometimes we need to come together to dance and rage and feel the journey together.

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Punks (RIOT Remix)

If there was a beast of a track in this entire LP, ‘Punks’ comes out barking and roaring. RIOT is out of control in this hard-hitting remix and in all the right ways. Just listen to the first 10 seconds. You’ll be hooked, literally by the teeth sinking into your ears. Go experience it for yourself because it’s a must-have for any rager’s playlist.

Black Tiger Sex Machine & Kai Wachi – Survivor ft. Face-T (YOOKiE Remix)

YOOKie kills with this remix of Survivor. Anxiety-inducing like any good thirller, I can’t tell if the cops are after me or it’s a herd of robotic raptors! Either way, you’ll enjoy the chase. Lyrics from Jamaican raised singer Face-T bring a reggae influence to this hard-hitting banger.

Black Tiger Sex Machine & Dabin – Break (Axel Boy Remix)

Are you a fan of Eddie Van Halen or classic rock in general? Try this dubstep-rock fusion remixed by Axel Boy on for size. All the way from the other side of the pond, this UK producer shows off his abilities by mixing melodic guitar riffs in with high-hat beats and a high energy, jungle vibe. Who needs lyrics when that guitar sings?

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Numbers (Eliminate Remix)

Eliminate is definitely an artist you want to keep tabs on. He brings a worldly perspective to BTSM’s song Numbers, cleverly using piano and organ-like samples to bring you into his dark sanctuary. His style is reminiscent of a SavantSkrillex lovechild. This track is straight fire.

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Broadside (SWAGE Remix)

SWAGE’s remix of ‘Broadside’ ties out this LP with a filthy, climactic finish. Using drum and bass beats with heavy bass, this piece asks “What?!” as if to say, what did I just go through? A self-proclaimed dirty pirate, SWAGE specializes in future beat and this breakbeat genre is the perfect way to break down BTSM’s mix.

Like all good remixes, you enjoy them so much more when you can compare them to the original. Take the time to listen to the original BTSM album “Welcome to Our Church.” Not only is it incredible all on its own, but you’ll be able to hear the unique style of each remix artist through comparison.

The concept of sacred is not a real or concrete thing like a chair or a Pioneer CDJ, though many would like to tell you otherwise. So what constitutes sacred? Does it have to be a place with four walls and a steeple? Does it have to be very old and indoctrinated? I say nay! To anyone who’s ever danced in a throng of sweaty masses, swaying in the dank musk of body heat in the dark, we become something more than an individual. To be lost in the vibe and the bass, to resonate with the artists for even a moment, is that not a form of worship? The best thing about BTSM’s music is that you are listening to it to experience it. You surrender yourself to the visions of so many artists and with a leap of faith, we are transported into their vision, into their art form. Church can be simply getting together and digging sound.

Isn’t it time to make a visit to church? Make your parents proud and get tickets to see Marc Chagnon, Julien Maranda and Patrick Barry, the Canadian electronic demigods performing as BTSM at Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland on Sunday, September 4th

All Hail the Black Tiger Sex Machine!

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