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Bear Grillz Presents: The Bear Grillz Show feat. Midnight Tyrannosaurus

No, he’s not the televised adventurer. Bear Grillz is the real-life dubstep destroyer… just in animal form. Along with him, his dinosaur friend, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, joins him in their bass endeavours.

“Hailing from Yosemite national park, Grillz’s story begins on a typical afternoon spent growling at marmots and eating tourists. While busy trying to digest one particularly tricky mountain climber, he discovered amongst his possessions something called a ‘MacBook Pro’. Fast forward 9 months, 6,000 YouTube tutorials and a duck later and we have his debut creation, The ‘High Grade’ EP!”

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On top of a live performance, The Bear Grillz Show is a YouTube series compiled of animated short clips and snipits of his music. Watch the bear go straight savage throughout the series, as his beats guide you throughout the journey.

The Bear Grillz Show

On October 8, purchase tickets and join the adventures of The Bear Grillz Show + Midnight Tyrannosaurus at Monarch Theatre.

Connect with Bear Grillz: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Connect with Midnight Tyrannosaurus: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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