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BOO! Artist Spotlight: Revel in Excision’s Bionic Glory

What are the few things you want out of your Halloween experience? Thrills, chills, and headbanging dubstep. Right? Well get excited because this October Excision is coming back to the valley ready to give another never-fail-to-impress show. Insomniac and Relentless Beats unite to bring a new Halloween-themed festival to Arizona: BOO!, which will be featuring a multitude of bass artists in the spooky Rawhide western town.


Not a fan of dubstep? Never say never because Excision will shatter any preconceptions you have of this genre of electronic bass music. This artist is none other than Canadian producer and DJ Jeff Abel who founded the impressive Rottun Recordings and Destroid Music labels. After successfully touring since 2013 with his Executioner stage, Abel has been pushing boundaries of any concert experience with his latest stage production and tour featuring Bear Grillz and Figure: The Paradox 2016. This new concept utilized 3D video-mapping technology to display animations that moved in sync with the beat. Visuals like a stampede of safari animals and a giant robotic cat paired with his 150,000 watt PK sound system. A few blasts from this face-melting bass is strong enough to shake the bottle in your head. Talk about good vibrations!

If you still need any convincing, listen to Excision’s musical talent for yourself online. My personal favorite is the Shambhala 2015 mix, which is a perfect example of how Excision captivates your ears by fusing dubstep and electro-house with drum and bass rhythms. Music this thrilling shouldn’t be listened through headphones alone. Treat yourself by experiencing his vision live this October, along with artists like Knife Party, Snails, NGHTMRE, Ghastly, G Jones, and Wuki. Soon you’ll be throwing your arms high above your head in his trademark “X,” taking the hard punishment and reveling in his bionic glory.

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