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Daft Punk Making New Music with The Weeknd!

Since 2013 with their latest release of Random Access Memories, the French duo, Daft Punk, has been relatively quiet… that is until a little secret came out. In a Billboard roundtable with seven different music innovators with Republic Records, Wendy Goldstein, Republic Records executive VP/head of urban A&R told Daft Punk fans very exciting news.

She was asked a question, if she could work with any artists who would it be? She replied that A&R will be working with Daft Punk and The Weeknd for a collab in the near future! No collab could be hotter than this. Finally, Daft Punk is releasing more music and with one of the hottest hip-hop artists around. said they were quite shocked that Wendy Goldstein’s comment was unnoticed, but for those electronic music lovers this comment opened many doors. To confirm to fans that this collab is in the works, The Weeknd posted a picture of two daft punk robots sitting on top of a speaker.

Keep an eye out fans because its difficult to deny that this collab is going to be hitting top charts once it is released!

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Source: Billboard, YourEDM

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