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deadmau5 Drops His Latest Progressive Opus “Saved”

The release pattern of deadmau5 tracks can at times seem perplexing. But with a career as illustrious as the Mau5’s, we just have to trust that he has a game plan behind all of the confusion and the teasing… or he just doesn’t really care what we all think.

Regardless, deadmau5 is known for throwing together some pretty magnificent tracks with grandiose scale to their production. Similarly, they always seem to posses a story, even when they lack the lyrics to solidify a finite narrative. His latest is no exception.

Feeling as though he is borrowing some influence from Eric Prydz, which is especially believable considering the two prog house artists are playing a number of back to back shows together and even considering a tour with each other, Zimmerman’s latest track “Saved” is an adventure in and of itself.

deadmau5 – Saved

From beginning to end, Saved is full of emotional highs and lows, hitting just about every “feel” from sadness to absolute joy. The song may sound familiar to you as he has played it out at a few of his shows more recently, but it also may be because the overall vibe of the track is very reminiscent of his “Strobe” days. Clocking in at near 10 minutes, with not a dull moment from minute 1 to minute 10, deadmau5 proves once again why he is so highly regarded in the production and dance music community.

“Saved” will be featured on the upcoming mau5trap collaboration album, We Are Friends Vol. 5 which is set to release on August 12th. Pre-order here!

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