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GRiZ Releases Moving New Original ft. Leo Napier

GRiZ has been seen all over the map spreading his sax-based electro style to everyone who shares the love to get their groove on. Never failing to bring a fresh taste on old-school funk, GRiZ has quickly grown into a widely influential artist. GRiZ’s talent is visible in every aspect he puts into his music, whether it be his soul or his unstoppable originality.

Almost a year after his Chasing The Golden Hour Pt. 1, he has finally done us all a favor and dropped his new original, “Before I Go,” featuring Leo Napier. 

Listen here:

At a little over 7 minutes, GRiZ and Leo Napier truly know how to pull in any listener. Featuring everything from jazzy instrumentals to soulful lyrics, the unique mixture of electronic and instrumental elements provide for a track that is intriguing from start to finish. Not to mention the length of the song giving GRiZ and Leo the perfect opportunity to include emotional guitar and sax before picking up the bass with roaring percussion and horns. Each instrument is perfectly displayed in its own light while still flowing beautifully into the next. This song is the next step in GRiZ and Leo Napiers’ success, with many more surprises that will keep us hooked time and time again.

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