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Holy Buck! Ookay’s New Single is Fire

Ookay has spread his hard-style madness with us over the last few years, from his Ghost EP to his infamous single, Thief.’ His fans are in for a wild ride with his recently released single, ‘Buck.’ 

It may have seemed impossible for Ookay to release a song that’s even more hype than his last singles, but it has been done. Leaving us with his last hit, Thief, he has gained loyal supporters and huge respect in the industry. Thief is one of those songs that you may think you’re sick of, but as soon as you hear that seductive melody you’re dragged right back in. Needless to say his fans were dying for another treat to blast us off into party mode.

Coming back even harder than he left us, ‘Buck’ takes us on a roller coaster through a tidal wave of electronic synths and harmonious chaos. The heavy bass on top of crushing guitar makes for an intense build-up, leaving us vulnerable for a mad drop. The heaviness fails to cease, as the drop towers every ideal for a hard-style fan. From start to finish, this song goes undoubtedly H.A.M. Ookay takes full control of the banger-meter and skyrockets the adrenaline, providing a full three and a half minutes of “buckness.”

If you haven’t heard Buck, listen now!

And don’t forget to get your tickets to Ookay’s performance at Cake in Scottsdale on September 15th and to follow him on social media to see what he’s up to!

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