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Make Your Mark: 12th Planet and Luberjvck Tour For the SMOG 10 Year Anniversary

Let’s celebrate and get wild for the 10 year anniversary of one of the dirtiest and the grimiest dubstep record label ever. There’s SMOG in the air, but this time you want to breath it in.  

SMOG began in the smoggiest land out there, Los Angeles. LA was not introduced to this dubstep scene until Drew Best, Danny Johnson, and John Dadzie walked in.

The founders knew that they brought a new culture to America with dubstep. Best states that “One of these guys ended up being 12th Planet [John Dadzie] and some of the stuff he was making was really good and we wanted to put it out there, so we started a record label of our own.” With that, SMOG Records was born.

For the 10 year anniversary, 12th Planet is celebrating by going on a tour with Lumberjvck across the states. Beginning October 28, America is about to have a heavy smog residing over the lands. This is about to be a neck breaking series of events.

12th Planet is coming to Shady Park on October 7th! Get rowdy and get dirty because Shady Park is one of our most intimate venues, and has yet to play host to a dubstep show. Get real close and personal with 12th Planet at this venue and breath in that SMOG!

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