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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: We Thank You for Your Efforts AT&T

If theres one thing we all all know its that it is nearly impossible to get any kind of service at a festival. Everyone also knows that theres a certain way to do festivals and then theres certain ways to do festivals with a group. All festival lovers usually have a festival crew they travel with to most the shows but the issue begins when you cannot find each other at the actual site.

Depending on the event there are hundreds to thousands of people in attendance and chances are 99% of them are using their phones. Whether its to communicate, take videos or pictures, or access social media, people are always on their phones at festivals. However, whats the point of even bringing a phone if you cant use it? From personal experience I can say that it is very rare for me to have full service on my cell phone at a festival and the few times I do, it just destroys my battery.

Well fear no more festival attendees because AT&T may have just solved all of our connection problems. What is the solution? Drones.

“Connecting drones to our nationwide LTE network lets us capture data and feed it directly to our systems. In turn, this can allow us to make changes to our network in real time”

Can you imagine it? A festival where you may actually be able to successfully communicate with one another. It sounds like a dream. But I have to add that though this is a great milestone in all that technology as come to in todays society, is it the best thing? I don’t know about everyone else but I do know that for me, part of the festival experience is not being able to rely on your phone. Without that communication you are forced to completely indulge in your surroundings and surrounded by music is exactly the way it should be at a festival. The successful use of Drones at a music festival would be game changing, however I feel I must remind people that if this idea becomes successful, don’t get lost in your cellphones. Make use of the Drones but don’t abuse the access.

Source: YourEDM

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