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Open Your Eyes To New Producer Lipless and His Debut EP ‘Wake Up Call’

We hear of new producers on the rise just about every day now, but the factors that set one apart from the other are what are going to make or break an artist. When you have the support from someone like Kaskade however, I would say you are in pretty good shape.

Meet new producer Lipless. You may not have ever seen his face, but if you are any fan of Kaskade, you have most certainly heard his music. Amassing over 700,000 plays with his remix of “RYX – Only” along with Kaskade, Lipless is quickly drawing attention from the masses.

Following the success of his massive remix, he’s teaming up with Kaskade once again to drop his debut EP Wake Up Call via Kaskade’s imprint Arkade. The EP actually possesses a sound deftly similar to some of Kaskade’s early work, specifically the EP’s title track. Given, “Wake Up Call” is a collaboration with frequent Kaskade collaborator Haley, but that’s not to say the track isn’t just as effective as one of the classics.

Merging big room sounds, underground intricacies, and cryptic panache, Lipless’ Wake Up Call is the perfect three-song sampling of an artist who has quickly found his identity and a solid footing amongst the industry’s leaders. Now it’s up to you to open you eyes.

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