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Podcast Pulse: Dr. Fresch – The Prescription 018: Ardency Guest Mix

This week’s Podcast Pulse goes out to the beat doctor himself for his 18th episode of his insanely popular podcast, The Prescription. Since its birth in the summer of 2015, “The Prescription” has continuously delivered us some of the “freschest” beats and mixes. If you haven’t listened to an episode of The Prescription before then after listing  you’ll understand why each of the podcast’s begin with “get your fix”.

With each episode, Dr. Fresch combines different styles and remixes of music bringing us an hour of the deepest vibes. The Prescription has featured artists like SNBRN, Ghastly, Wax Motif, and many more and Episode #018 brings us yet another filthy guest mix starring Ardency. Posted on SoundCloud just 11 days ago, Episode #018 already has over 38 thousand  plays, which is no shocker, just check out the track-list:


The Episode begins with the classic, deep, Dr. Fresch sound that immediately leaves you craving more as your body starts to move to the beat. In addition to the Dr. Fresch-filth , Ardency throws in some awesome remixes and a few new tracks of their own. What differs The Prescription from every other Podcast is the unique bringing together of different styles to create a grimey, deep, and just plain groovy tune. Dr. Fresch knows just what to prescribe to cure my longing for house rhythm and whatever hes prescribing in this Episode is something I would not mind overdosing from.

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