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RB Weekend Preview: Mid-Summer Stretch – Back To Vinyl Tour & Apashe + P0gman

If you didn’t know we are exactly halfway through summer at this point! September 23rd starts the Fall equinox and we have about 45 days until we get there. So lets take a moment to stretch our legs out, grab some drinks, and then get back to all of these amazing shows! This weekend we have the Back To Vinyl Tour ft. Bad Boy Bill & Richard Vission at Talking Stick Resort, a definite do not miss by the way these guys kill it on the decks. That night we have Apashe and P0gman at our favorite venue Monarch Theatre to close out the weekend with some heavy bass filled tunes!

7/20 – Back to Vinyl Tour @ Talking Stick Resort

Technology has advanced so fast these past few decades. We went from floppy disks to SD cards which operate much faster and have nearly 1000x the capacity to hold information. In a time like today, it’s hard to sometimes not move and advance with technology since there is such a demand for better equipment. This weekend, that will be proven wrong however. Industry insiders and heavyweights, Bad Boy Bill and Richard Vission, will be embarking on their “Back To Vinyl” Tour. Instead of using mechanisms and boards that would be familiar to any DJ after the year 2000, their tour which opened on July 8th in Cincinnati, Ohio, features an entirely vinyl-only setup to not only play their more famous hits, but feature new music as well. Their slogan for the tour is “No Sync Buttons – No Software – No Loop Buttons – Just skill. Fitting for what they do because if you haven’t ever seen a real vinyl DJ, you’re about to be amazed by what you see this weekend. Opening support includes other dance music legends DJ Dan & Donald Glaude!

Back To Vinyl Tour : Bad Boy Bill + Richard Vission

7/20 – Apashe + P0gman @ Monarch Theatre

Apashe may be a name you haven’t heard of before, but I promise you that soon this guy will be all over the place. Black Tiger Sex Machine are actually the guys credited for the recent uprise in the scene as Apashe appeared on their Welcome To Our Church album with the song “Swing High”! You can find a little more about his rise to fame in an interview we conducted with Apashe at Electric Forest, as well as find out a little bit more with what he is up too before the show. Good news for us, he has a lot of collabs he is working on right now and as always artists love to play their unreleased music at shows to try them out. So make your way on over to Monarch this Saturday night if you want to hear some filthy new bass music… maybe even off of his upcoming debut album, Copter Boy!

P0gman is a Dubstep producer hailing from Wolverhampton UK. Being from UK, he has a strong wobble influence in his music, most likely looking up to similar UK producers Rusko, Caspa, Flux, Doctor P and several others. Lately he has been teasing about some new music that he is going to release under the motto “IAMAudio”, hinting at the fact that he is a master of manipulating sound and by all means he certainly does a great job of it! Check out the small teaser he has out right now for his forthcoming music!

As per usual, ticket links should be in the title of each shows name so go ahead and click there and you should be good to go! Other than that have a fun and safe weekend everybody and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

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